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The ancestors await you

available now!
IN PAPERBACK on lulu ($29.99)
AND EBOOK on kobo ($19.99)

     You have stumbled upon a treasure that you found on the internet and you wonder why you are here.  You are here because you seek something, but you cannot explain why you are drawn to this book.  You read the sample pages and find that the material is engaging and captivating…you need to uncover more secrets!  The book finally arrives so that you may gratify your curiosity.  It is here that you will obtain most of the secrets that have been hidden from you for centuries.  You are here because the ancestors have chosen you out of millions of potentials to receive this book to understand this dimension and what you can do to remove yourself from locked reality of self.


     The more you crave consciousness, the more your ignorance will perish.  The reader must be able to understand the secrets in order to receive the wonders of knowledge hidden in plain sight.  One must have humbleness to receive this knowledge and one must have a tamed ego for balance.  Have the courage to join me on this journey, and I will guarantee you that your mind will be changed forever.  Let your consciousness set you free from the bondage of this physical plane.  Seek you and you shall find but remember…as below so above!


     Prepare your heart, mind and soul for a mind-blowing journey throughout America’s history and how this chain of events that shaped America and the world as we know it today.


sample pages

     DISCLAIMER: The above information presented in this book is for educational purposes.  The reader assumes all liability for their own actions.  The information herein was taken from multiple sources to guide the reader from the past to present in the space time continuum.  The author is not responsible for violence or other such crimes that may come from the truth.  Everyone is responsible for their own actions and it is advisable that you treat others as the way you would want to be treated and be at peace while correcting your situation. It is not recommended to seek guidance from any form of religion because ultimately, this book will cause you to look from within to find answers to your most challenging questions.  To look within for answers ultimately brings solutions to what you are facing and reverse the karmatic experience that was hijacked from the beginning.  Fear is nothing more than an illusion and those who fear are feeding the weak with their power.  The reader is encouraged to do their own research based on the information and cited sources that are provided.  Please take breaks and rest while reading this book to avoid health symptoms that may arise.  By resting, you allow the ancestors or your spiritual guide to give you discernment.

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