Chakram Radio has produced podcasts that speak on metaphysical and black community issues, and films that encompass Egyptian artifacts that were taken by Europeans that are now stored at the most prestigious museums in the world, such as the Louvre and British Museum. Other educational trips include Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Paris and Italy.

about chief zulu


     My name is Jeffrey “Chief Zulu” Nix El and I was born in Washington, D.C. in October 1978. I am the second youngest child born of 7 siblings.  My mother and father divorced and the 7 seven children were split. My youngest brother and I stayed with my mother and grandmother while the rest of the family stayed with my father. At age 7, my mother passed away and my grandmother took over as my guardian. Shortly after at the age of 9, my father passed away. As time progressed, my independence grew and by age 10, I often found myself doing community service and helping the elderly.  At age 18, I relocated to Tuskegee, Alabama to pursue a Computer Science degree at Tuskegee University.  While attending college my first year, my school funds were unexpectedly depleted, so I relocated back home and attended the University District of Columbia for one semester.  I then transferred to the University of Maryland University College to pursue my degree in Information Technology.  While pursuing my degree, I started working in Network Security. In 2005, I received my Bachelor of Science degree and to this day continue to work as an IT specialist. In 2007, I married my queen in which the universe granted our first child (a daughter) in 2014.


     During my downtime, I began researching my identity and found that I am a Native Aboriginal American.  I found this information from attending family reunions, getting backdrop of my heritage, and research and study of my family tree.  Although I was taught that I was an African-American, my family also identified with American Nationals from the Blackfoot, Cherokee, Seminole, and Washitaw tribes. After finding out my heritage and discovering that I have no dual citizenships with African nations per my ancestral background, I decided to declare my nationality in 2012 with the Washitaw Nation under Dr. Alim Bey and Chief Sugarfoot. Chief Sugarfoot declared her nationality through Dr. Alim Bey and Dr. Alim Bey declared his nationality under the Empress Verdiacee Gosten El-Bey, who was the lawful owner of the “Louisiana Purchase” prior to her death.  After being nationalized and reclaiming my identity, I pursued doing documentaries, talk shows, and collecting evidence upon my findings of our ancestors doing great wonders all across the planet.


     Residing outside the United States of America at the Virginia Republic, it is here constant research is performed as well as seeing the outside world as a movie studying symbols and energy.  It is here at the Virginia Republic where the ancestors decided to provide me a new mission outside my original contract to live a human experience to reach other conscious people who are in search for answers.  My family and I live by Universal laws at all times to ensure that harmony is displayed in our speech, soul, and spirit.  I am truly humbled to write this book with the knowledge provided by the Elder GODS that continue to watch over me, and try to remain constantly in tuned with the appropriate frequency to get the much-needed truth to brothers and sisters about our existence.  It is a spiritual force that guides me, training me to un-learn what was taught in schools and to follow my instincts when turn of events arise. As a result, the tamed ego in which the Caucasians love to infiltrate remains in order to maintain a sound mind not moved by ignorance and narcissistic charged, animal-like mentality.


     I give special thanks to my spiritual guides and the Elder GODS who assisted in making this book possible.  As the reader, I thank you for contributing to this wealth of knowledge that is upon you and may you be prosperous for years to come.  Take this book as your flaming sword and defeat your enemies when ignorance faces truth.  It is here where your perception of life will change for the greater good and that you find your identity just as I have at a place where you do not have to feel sorrow due to the loss of self.  Allow the book to resurrect you just as Heru rose and allow the essence of the soul to vibrate on its own frequency so that you can be led in the right direction throughout your life. 


To my ancestors whom I honor, ‘Ase’!



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